Saturday, April 4, 2009

Good day to you.

Hello, let me introduce myself to yourself. I have quit stealing eggs from the farmer; I quit stealing his chickens long before, but now I’ve gone the extra mile and decided to boycott the whole mess entirely. The roosters tell me it’s working, as his production has gone down, now that my demand isn’t influencing his supply.

Did you know foxes are among the most adaptable of all species? I would say “the most”, but then you may not be assured of my objectivity. Let me assure you that I am no exception to this characteristic of my kind. I thrive on change; I am a nomad fox. The world is my oyster (if I still ate them, anyway) – my passion fruit (if you haven’t yet, I highly recommend trying one). I love every place I den in, whether it’s a den all my own or one I rented out for the night. So it is with love and a light heart (since, after all, I always leave a piece of it behind) that I travel on to the next destination.

At the moment, I find myself in a city on a river, an old university town. They tell me Goethe puked here. Far be it from me to turn down the opportunity to sniff out such a place.

Have you met a verbose fox before? Rest assured that I am indeed verbose, often. A multilingual fox? I have been known to yap in multiple languages, sometimes at once. An herbivore fox? If you have, please let me know – urgently. If not, now you can say that, indeed yes, you have.

I am that rustling in the berry patch.